Wednesday, October 23, 2019

How to Repair a Water Heater’s Thermostat-- Step by Step :

1. Locate your water heater’s temperature control knob
  • The temperature control knob is connected to its heat source which is typically red and located on the front, lower center portion of the heater.
2. Look for the small black line or arrow above the knob that is where the current temperature is se the setting may be labeled “warm” or “hot”
  • This can also be labeled by a black line (120 degrees) or a white line (105- 110 degrees)
3. Adjust the temperature somewhere between 105 and 120 degrees
If you are experiencing no hot water:
  1. Locate the upper and lower thermostats
  2. Check both thermostats for power supply
  3. Press the button to reset the thermostat to determine whether it will or won’t operate
  4. Replace thermostat if there is no power to the upper system
  5. If your upper system is receiving power, but there is no hot water, then replace the upper heating element
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