Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Professional Plumbers Repair Clogged Garbage Disposal.

When you need to install garbage disposal because yours has quit working after years of use, you should consider calling a professional plumber to get this job done perfectly. Our skilled plumbing staff will make sure that the unit is the correct size and will fit under the sink. If needed we will also install a waste assembly and the sink mounting flange.
Garbage disposal clogged issues can result from such things as egg shells, coffee grounds and potato peelings combined with little water flushing the unit when it is grinding the material. If you need help with this problem, our experienced and highly knowledgeable plumbers will take care of it.

Thursday, November 7, 2019

Sewer Repair Available Locally And Cameras Used To Locate Drainage Problems

Water Heater Houston TX

No one likes having septic tank problems because this may mean you have a health situation in your hands. But if you are experiencing this issue, help is available locally. We have the knowledge, experience as well as the tools to restore your system. We are also available 24 hours a day if you have an emergency.
Sometimes, material blocking your lines might be deep in the drains and you may not be able to reach them. However, we have a sewer camera that we use to reach the farthest point and see exactly what is going on so we can do Sewer Repair. We will then proceed to unblock the blockage or replace a pipe, if needed.
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Wednesday, October 23, 2019

How to Repair a Water Heater’s Thermostat-- Step by Step :

1. Locate your water heater’s temperature control knob
  • The temperature control knob is connected to its heat source which is typically red and located on the front, lower center portion of the heater.
2. Look for the small black line or arrow above the knob that is where the current temperature is se the setting may be labeled “warm” or “hot”
  • This can also be labeled by a black line (120 degrees) or a white line (105- 110 degrees)
3. Adjust the temperature somewhere between 105 and 120 degrees
If you are experiencing no hot water:
  1. Locate the upper and lower thermostats
  2. Check both thermostats for power supply
  3. Press the button to reset the thermostat to determine whether it will or won’t operate
  4. Replace thermostat if there is no power to the upper system
  5. If your upper system is receiving power, but there is no hot water, then replace the upper heating element
Tel : (713) 623-1041